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Focusing on holistic wellness
for aging individuals.

Physical Activity

Embrace the journey of aging with strength and vitality. Regular physical activity isn't just a choice, it's a celebration of a vibrant life at every stage.

Stress Management

Navigating the beauty of aging with grace. Prioritize stress management to nurture your wellbeing. Meditation and mindfulness pave the way for a serene and fulfilling life.


Nourishing the body with wholesome foods is the key to unlocking vitality. Discover the power of healthy eating for a vibrant and balanced life.

With a lifelong passion for health and wellness, Pam Butler has risen above her past trauma and harnessed life’s lessons to help others find bliss. For years the wellness advocate traveled the country leading classes, workshops and seminars, particularly in yoga and meditation. As she embraces aging, she founded Pam Butler Wellness to help her peers stay active safely. Whether it’s golf, pickleball, tennis, or simply going out for a run, Butler helps clients continue their favorite activities by hosting private and group sessions focusing on stretching, agility and strength. Age is just a number, she says, and it’s not work when you do it with passion and purpose.

Movement, Meditation,
and Transformation.

Stretch and Strengthen.

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